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Tom Parna – Esporta Islington

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We recently used Jog Post for a leaflet drop in the Islington area. 5000 drops were done for an acceptable price. The service provided was absolutely superb, on the first day the team supervisor offered to drive me around for 20mins to show how they operate. The team was split 2 teams of 2, when we seen each randomly they were literally jogging around dropping the leaflets! The supervisor ensures the right amount of leaflets are going to each road, no double drops, no skipped houses and no general disturbances. Process was spot on. The direct response from this distribution was over 3x what we would normally get. I will be recommending to other sales managers in my region and would recommend to anybody else.

Laura Key – Castlewick

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Advertising and marketing is important element in running a successful estate agency. We have previously tried and tested numerous distributors which failed and provided poor services however we now believe have finally found a reliable and dedicated service. Jog post staff are friendly and organised, which in turn helps our business to grow and expand. We are really pleased with the dedicated and reliability of Jog post and would recommend to any other business!

Kevin Simpson – Landmarks Lettings

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I own a small independent letting agency, LANDMARKS LETTINGS of Sutton in Surrey. It has always been difficult to find a distributor who gave you confidence that the number of leaflets quoted were actually ever delivered. I don’t like wasting my time, energy or money on sub-standard services.

After much deliberation i decided to employ JOGPOST to deliver 12,000 solus leaflets in ONE day. I was able to see the distributors in action.

The response was tremendous. i received four instructions of which i closed three deals. It’s always nice to turn an immediate profit.

I am also aware that some of the response to the leaflet drop came many weeks later, evidence that if you include your competitive fee or a promo code it works.

We shall continue to use JOGPOST as our distributing company and look forward to the increased revenue that this will undoubtedly bring.

Kevin Simpson (owner)

Annabel Arnold – Featherstone Leigh

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After trial and error with other distribution companies, we have finally found a dedicated team in Jog Post that get the work done quickly and efficiently. Since using Jog Post in the Fulham branch of Featherstone Leigh Estate Agents, we have had lots of interest as a result, so much so that they are now the main distribution company we use throughout all of our offices. Unlike others they keep us in the loop of exactly where and when distribution will take place with a constant high level of communication that includes feedback with reports and maps of areas covered.

Darren Bullock – Printing For All Occasions

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I own a marketing company called PRINTING FOR ALL OCCASIONS and have been looking for a decent leaflet distribution company for years, and have never been satisfied with the results until now. Once of my clients needed a very bespoke distribution in North London. JogPost’s warm hearted and compassionate team understood that they were a charity and gave us the distribution for cost price. Lovely people! I was already very impressed with their ethical stance and have a great respect for the things they are doing in this industry. My client got the biggest response they have ever had and everyone is incredibly happy. I am literally overwhelmed. Awesome company

Javaid Rafique – Pizza Hut

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“I had record breaking sales week at Carshalton Pizza Hut in September 2010 and this was the first time we ever used Jog Post for our leaflet distribution. Since then, I have been using Jog Post regularly and every time we have a distribution, we have remarkable like for like sales growth.
Not only are they helping us to grow, but we as an entire region are planning to switch our main external leaflet distribution to JogPost.”

Euri Paliologos – Virgin Active

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“I have been working as a sales manager in Virgin Active for a long time. In the time I’ve been working here I have used many different leaflet distribution companies. I now use JogPost, and will only ever use JogPost because they get me much better results than anyone else. Thanks for all their incredible work.”

Ali Hamandi – Domino’s Pizza

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“I own 5 of the main Domino’s Pizza branches in Central London, and have used almost every single leaflet distribution method out there. I gave JogPost a trial and the results were staggering. I couldn’t understand how they managed to break my records, but they did and they continue to break records every week. I will never use another company because not only are they getting me by far the best results but they are the only company I trust”

Ignaty Dyakov – Periplus

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Periplus Home Education (www.periplus.org.uk) is a not-for-profit specialist education organisation supporting home schoolers all around the UK but primarily in London. So it is vitally important for us to get a direct contact with our potential clients.

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Louise Hearn – Six Physio

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I was very impressed with the ease that the distribution was organized- considering it was the first time this has been done before, you would never have known and I felt completely confident leaving the guys to it.

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