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Leaflet Delivery London

Leaflet delivery is one of the most effective forms of direct marketing. Historically, leaflet delivery has been used as the only real method to get you advertising into the public domain. Leaflet delivery works as the recipient has to collect the leaflet at some stage to remove it from the entrance of the house, it is at that moment the leaflet has the opportunity to sell you products/services. When TV came around TV advertising became the most sought after type of direct marketing, however nowadays people are becoming resistant to TV advertising, so marketers started to move trends to online marketing, however again the same problem has arisen and people are no used to this advertising medium and it is becoming less and less effective. This has led to leaflet delivery being reused and is now a booming industry once again.

First you must make your marketing materials. Have them designed and then printed. You should ask your chosen leaflet delivery company to recommend a good designer or printers. It is very important to design your leaflets well. No matter how good the leaflet delivery company you choose is, if the leaflets are badly designed you will not get a good response.

It is very important not to choose the first leaflet distribution company you come across. They are all different and there is a big range of price and quality of service. DO NOT just go for the cheapest leaflet distribution company you can find, this will be a complete waste of your money. You wouldn’t order expensive marble and then employ some cheap cowboy builders to fit it for you would you? Of course not! The same goes for leaflet distribution in London. Make sure you get a good reliable company to do it for you.