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Leaflet Distribution Companies London

There are tonnes of leaflet distribution companies operating in Central London, so who do you choose? Every direct mail company out there will claim to be the best, and you need to choose one that you can definitely trust. Supervision is the key. If you decide to go with a leaflet distribution company that doesn’t have full time supervisors you may as well throw half of your leaflets away. The industry standard is to pay distributors minimum wage and leave them unsupervised. Most leaflet distribution companies in London just give them a thousand leaflets and £25 and send them on their way. It’s not rocket science is it? If you choose a leaflet distribution company that uses under paid, under motivated leaflet distributors in London you won’t get a good return on your investment. It isn’t easy for direct marketing companies to provide full time supervisors on their campaigns in London. We have only found one who offers this very important service.

We time and time again achieve over three times the response rate for our customers. Think about how many other leaflet distribution companies can actually say that they have achieved this with anyone else they’ve used before in London often in over ten years. All of our clients so far have stayed loyal to us and renewed their contract. Our main ethos is to care for our country and environment, which is why we are an eco-friendly distributor. We are a social enterprise that’s main motivation is to bring self-respect back to this old profession, and pro-actively encourage a healthy lifestyle. We also provide a design service and cost effective printing. We are in the process from start to finish in dealing with every single aspect of your direct marketing campaign. Giving you the highest service is our main objective, which is why we even provide you with an extensive report after the campaign,. It is of great importance to obtain long lasting business relationships with all of our customers. To put things simply, JogPost gets BY FAR the most impressive results out of all leaflet distribution companies, which is down to the fact that we employ the best staff and care greatly about the future of our country, and the environment. You will for certain never think of using anyone else once you use us