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Leafleters London

This is a case study written as an example from beginning to end of how one of our clients finds and uses JogPost as his leaflet distributor in London. Let’s, for the sake of this study, call the gentleman Joe Bloggs. He owns an estate agents there and wants to get a lot more properties on his books so that he has places to rent out to his clients. He is down to only ten properties and desperately needs some more. Now he has seen many leaflets come through his own door in the past and knows that using Leafleters is a great way to find new landlords so he decides this is what he is going to do. The first thing he needs to do is design his leaflets, and he decides to use a reputable graphic designer. There are many Leafleters to choose from so it is always best to have a look at some of the work they have done in the past so you know that they do a good job. He finds his designer and they get started on making the flyer to be distributed. Once the beautiful flyer’s been designed it is now time to get it sent to print. He looks around for an eco-friendly printing company that will compliment his eco-friendly distributors. Of course he decides to go with the printing company that are affiliated with as they are JogPost environmentally friendly and very cost effective.

The area in which he wants to cover has 70,000 residencies so he decided to print 50,000 of his incredible flyer to make allowances for ‘NO JUNK MAIL’ stickers and council estates that he does not want to target. Once they have arrived it is time to start hid direct mail campaign. Time for him to find a leaflet distributor company to distribute his media so he searches on Google and finds a few companies to choose from for his door to door flyers distributing. He knows it is really important to do his due diligence and research into the direct mail industry… as much as he can so he asks a lot of questions. After his interrogation he decides that JogPost has given him by far the most satisfactory answers and he decides to give them a call. After a lovely cup of tea and a nice chat they all decided to go ahead next week. The invoice is paid and the leafleters are booked in to do the door to door leaflet distribution Chelsea. The following week sure as anything the direct mail door drop goes ahead and is a resounding success. Everybody’s happy and they establish a long lasting business relationship.