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Letterbox Distribution London

In this day and age there are various ways your company can market your products and services. It is crucial that you use as many different kinds of marketing methods to reach your target audience. Research has proven that if your brand has been exposed to a potential client between 4-6 times they are more likely to trust and recognise you. This explains why most companies believe it to be important to use a diverse array of strategies. Letterbox distribution is the foremost economical way to advertise your products. Instead of spending fortunes on television adverts or billboard posters that more often than not get ignored by the general public, distributing leaflets door to door is a cost effective and a more direct approach. Letterbox distribution is a huge industry and getting your flyers delivered is easy as the houses are closely built together .One of the reasons why this is such a popular choice is because it is achievable for the Letterbox distribution people to cover large grounds very quickly.

JogPost Ltd. is a brand new Letterbox distribution company that is changing the face of the marketing world. There are several reasons why we are getting the best results and our award winning system is to name just one. Our distributors jog so it is therefore possible for us to provide an excellent service, better than any other company. The most valuable part of our system is that we are the only door drop company that can afford to have non-distributing people to supervise the job. They will drive alongside the teams of two knocking on doors ensuring the correct flyer count is being delivered to letterboxes. No other company provides this attention to detail! We even make sure that every street and every single house on that street gets the leaflets. The fact that we pay a higher hourly wage means we have more dedicated and hardworking staff than other Letterbox distribution company in London.

So far all our clients have renewed their contracts due to our amazing success rate. We have repeatedly managed to get over three times the response rate, more than our rival companies have done in over twenty years!

We are an eco-friendly Letterbox distribution with a high moral sense, a social enterprise that encourages a healthy lifestyle, but most of all we have brought dignity back to this profession. We provide a design service as well as cost effective printing, we will handle your campaign from start to finish and can even provide you with an in-depth report after the campaign. The client comes first; we feel it is important to build long-lasting, trusting relationships. All you have to do is call JogPost and you will get by far the most comprehensive service on the market today.