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Letterbox Marketing London

There are a huge number of Letterbox marketing companies in London. The leaflet distribution company you pick must provide as service you can trust. Whichever direct marketing company you decide to go with please make sure the distributors are supervised full time. Minimum wage is what Letterbox marketing companies in London pay their distributors; they also send them out on their own. Unfortunately under these conditions – Minimum wage and unsupervised leaflet distribution routes most of the staff will cut corners. Either posting way too many leaflets through each door, or just chucking them in the trash. Look into it properly, and like we have already mentioned ask questions to find out if a company’s ‘supervisors’ are full time. We only know of one Letterbox marketing company in London that provides proper full time supervisors.

Getting as much as treble the response for our clients in and around London is why we have kept every single client we’ve ever had. We’re an eco-friendly letterbox marketing company that cares a lot about the environment, we’re a social enterprise that promotes all sorts of fabulous lifestyle choices, and we are winning back the reputation of the industry. We also offer a top of the game service as well as mind blowingly well designed leaflets and cheap printing. Relax and leave everything to us. We’re the letterbox marketing professionals and know exactly what we’re doing. We’ll even provide you with a full report after it’s finished that will help you plan further campaigns. The one single most important thing for us is building long lasting business relationships. Your success is our success together we can work together to prosper. Hopefully by now you have done your due diligence and understand fully that we are the ONLY choice for your letterbox marketing campaign. We get the best results and have many happy clients who are more than willing to give you a testimonial. For more of these please go to the testimonials section of the site.