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Corporate Responsibility

JogPost Ethics

At JogPost we understand that leaflet distribution can be a very non-environmentally friendly industry. So we have taken steps to ensure we offer ethical leaflet distribution and put back what is taken out.

JogPost encourages all its clients to use re-cycled paper. However, we realise that this may not always be possible or viable. We have therefore dedicated a large part of the profits we make to replant the trees used in the production of our clients’ media. For every 1000 leaflets we deliver, we plant a new tree.

A Social Enterprise

Not only are we changing the leaflet distribution industry making it more green, but we provide well paid jobs for people who need them the most, getting them active and motivated, keeping them fit and healthy.

Client Reward Scheme

Coming Soon is the launch of our new reward scheme. It is designed to help our clients offset their carbon footprint.

By choosing JogPost you will be able to collect reward points.

You will be able to redeem these points at a number of our affiliate Carbon Offset Projects via our NPO – www.JOGPOST.org

Please use JogPost and Offset your Business’ carbons for free.

The Eden Project

JogPost is proud to have partnered up with The Eden Reforestation Project (ERP). The mission of The Eden Reforestation Project is to recreate healthy forest systems around the planet that restore hope, empower people, alleviate suffering, and build local economies in impoverished communities all over the world. In simpler terms The ERP employ thousands of local workers in different locations around the globe that work together to plant millions of trees each year in Ethiopia, Madagascar, and Haiti. The workers lives are turned around as they are given paid jobs by The ERP and at the same time their environment is restored. Please help save lives and the planet by making a donation today. Visit their website – Have a copy of their logo and a link to their website – www.edenprojects.org